The Wednesday What?

Your weekly guide to events and opportunities in computer science

the Wednesday waggle logo with the bee

The Wednesday What? The Wednesday Waggle! The waggle dance is how bees share important information with each other. By analogy, the Wednesday Waggle ( is a newsletter which shares crucial information in our community. A colony of bees lives (and dies) on its ability to pass on information to the rest of the hive about where the food is and how to get to it. To do this, bees perform a waggle dance to tell the rest of the colony where to find essential resources. They also use it to indicate where water sources and new nest-site locations are.

We think job vacancies and employer events are like nectar and pollen to our busy colony of bees (that's you and over 10,000 Computer Scientists) in the Kilburn building and beyond. If we can successfully disseminate this information in a timely manner, our whole community will benefit.

There are some great opportunities for Computer Scientists both before and after graduation that we think you should know about. Rather than bombard your already overloaded inboxes with even more annoying direct messages, we'll batch them up (just like the Monday Mail) into a weekly digest and newsletter known as the Wednesday Waggle. The waggle covers:

So if you've anything you'd like to waggle about, tell us via and we'll buzz everybody about it in next Wednesdays Waggle. For more general undergraduate news, please refer as usual to the Monday Mail. Sweet!

Please note, we do everything we reasonably can to filter out jobspam and job scams. Don't get stung!

As well as being available online, the Waggle is emailed to you every (you guessed it) Wednesday. You can filter the emails out, by setting a mail filter for the word “Waggle” and/or the string [csjobs] which appear in the subject line.

Duncan Hull, September 2021